Introducing...A Longer Loop.

The NEW CM20 Extended Loop will save you additional time and money.

It is a game-changer!

CM20 Extended Loop 1

Miscalculated How Much Tray You Need?

The loop allows you to space each tray a little further apart to fix the problem.
CM20 Extended Loop 2

How Will The Longer Loop Save Me Money?

If your installers do not have enough cable tray, they don't have to wait for a new order of tray to arrive to fix the problem. 
CM20 Extended Loop 3

Does the Longer Loop Cost More?

No, you get more tray for the same price. All hardware is included and no need to bond or ground Cable-MGR CM20 trays.
CM20 Extended Loop 4

Looking For More Layout Flexibility?

The extended loop gives you flexibility when you lay out the tray prior to installing.
CM20 Extended Loop 5

Concerned about Grounding and UL Listing?

The extended loop does not break  Cable-MGR CM20 Grounding and Maintains UL Classification.
CM20 Extended Loop 6

Will The Extended Loop Maintain Large Load Capacity?

Yes, in fact, it strengthens the tray if the extended loop is not used and the tray is flush against the next tray.

About the CM20 Extended Loop

The new and revolutionary extended loop, engineered and manufactured by Cable-MGR allows for easy adjustment in your install if you are short on cable tray. It is available in standard powder coating or stainless steel and its self-grounding allows it to maintain its bonding and continuity. Plus, no grounding straps are required. Watch the video (below) and see what the NEW CM20 Extended Loop is all about!!


CM20 Extended loop


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