Exposed ceilings?

A bold addition to any building interior. Cable-MGR's line of products enhance and foster the exchange of ideas and creativity.

Our mission is simple—working with people to create beautiful environments through inspiration and design. What we do is relationship oriented. We will take the time to understand your goals and help you create a plan that will reflect the environment’s personality and lifestyle. We believe in detail, understanding how the building will be used and minimizing the impact on the planet. That’s why all of our products are environmentally friendly, safe, green and made in the USA.

Cable-MGR Interior Design Example 01

Mix and Match

Mix and match is the art of mixing with beauty; creating one’s own style, one’s own personality. Generally, for mix and match interior design, the emphasis is on the accessories. For that reason we don’t want you to settle for colors that are “close enough.” Whether it’s a match to other coated parts, interior paint, decorative pieces, or a branding decision, we know how important having the right color is. We provide 7 standard powder coating pigments such as yellow, white, black, red, blue, orange and chrome. If you have a specific color in mind, simply send us a sample and our color experts will get to work. Don’t forget you can also tell us what type of gloss or any special effects you want added.

Powder Coating Basic Colors

Our Cable-MGR trays assembles 400% faster than typical modified trays.
All you need is one tool!

Cable-MGR Interior Design Example 02

CM20 & CM10

PRO-10 CM20’s complete line of factory built turns and fittings create a 100% NEC compliant cable tray system that maintains 100% UL Classification. PRO-10’s built-in splice is also UL classified for bonding and grounding, assuring the job is done right the first time, every time. The patented one-tool system reduces installation time by 400% and adapts to the most difficult installations. Whether you are trying to accomplish a better communication space or a healthier more pleasing environment, Cable-MGR is the perfect solution.