NEC Cable Tray Grounding & Bonding

One Tray Has It Built In

NEC Cable Tray Grounding and Bonding

NEC Bonding And Grounding Typical Cable Tray

 Of the two types of cable tray, one has the ground and bonding built-in. This should be a valuable consideration for any cable tray installation. There are two types of cable tray that require grounding and bonding that meet NEC requirements for a cable tray installation The first and most popular is a typical cable tray.

This type of cable tray does not have grounding and bonding built-in and comes onto the job site in straight sections, requires cutting and bending to built out the cable tray on site. When you do this, you will then need to add in grounding and bonding to bring the cable tray installation into code.

Prefabricated Cable Tray Grounding and Bonding

The other option is to order a prefabricated cable tray, these trays have grounding and boding built in. 

A prefabricated cable tray is a tray that is manufactured in the factory that makes the bends, turns and junctions and will save you from doing this in the field. 

Before ordering you do need to plan how many and what type of cable trays you will need for the job. This is called a take-off, if you know how to use AutoCAD, you can download bim files and have the parts list in no time, if you don’t have this take-offs can be done for you. 

When the prefabricated cable tray arrives at the job site, it is laid out and connected together and grounding and bonding built-in. This means that you save time installing and money on additional hardware, such as bonding hardware.


NEC cable tray grounding and bonding

Plan Ahead - Get A Take-Off

If you would like a complimentary take-off for your next cable tray job and not have to worry about spending money on bonding and grounding parts, with a quick and easy installation that protects the cables for a longer time contact us.


take off

5 Day


Average turnaround time is 5 business days.* 

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Files Available

CAD and BIM files are easily accessed through our website. Take-offs available upon request, free of charge.


Ready to go

All turns and fittings are factory built. NO field modifications, NO cutting or bending and 100% customization made to order.

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*Times vary based on project size. Subject to change.

Cable-MGR saves time, saves money, better install, better product and better protection for cables!

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