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Features and Benefits

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PRO-10™ is available in wire diameter choices CM10 (Ø.120) and CM20 (Ø.187) – to accommodate various cable tray load capacities. No cutting or bending,is required on any of these styles.
Cable-MGR Pro 10
Cable-MGR Pro-10


NO Field Cutting or Bending Required • Reduces Installation Time 50% or more • 95% Eco-Friendly Recycled Materials • Protective Powder Coated Colored Finishes Avoid Corrosion • Provides Strength and Rigidity without Additional Hardware (ONLY ONE TOOL NEEDED) • Large Load Tested Capacity • Adapts to Difficult Architectural Designs to Accommodate Changes in Direction and Elevation of Cable Runs • U.S. Patent No. 7,546,987 CM20 additional features • NO Bonding Jumpers Required for NEC Compliance • Acts as an Equipment Ground Conductor (NEC 392.60) • Protective Powder Coated Colored Finishes Avoid Corrosion and Zinc Whiskers • Maintains UL Classification • UL Bonding & Splicing Built-In