Some of the advantages of using prefabricated Cable-MGR solutions over standard cable trays. Cable-MGR, “the Easy-to-Connect, One Tool” Cable Tray System!

The Advantages of Cable-MGR vs. Other Cable Trays

Wiremaid offers a 5 day turnaround, after receiving your order, in most cases.

Pre-planning your cable tray design is mandatory, we offer a complimentary take off service or you can download our BIM files. By laying out the right tray turn and bend or straight on the diagram, you can exactly work out how many pieces of a tray you need to order. This reduces cost and eliminates the need to over purchase cable tray.

90 Degree Bend

Cable-MGR’s prefabricated 90 degree bend cable tray, in this black powder coated example here, is delivered to you preformed. This means you don’t need to spend the time cutting or bending a new piece in the field. You would unpack the tray, determine where it is going to be installed and connect it to a straight piece. In a matter of minutes you have installed a 90 degree bend.

T Section

The T-section, is very similar to the 90 degree bend in that it is prefabricated and saves you on installation time. This particular T-section has a bottom plate that locks into place and you never had to cut or bend to install this plate.

To install any of our prefabricated products, all you need to do is put the bolts inside the tray and the nut on the back and outside of the tray.  This can be tightened with one tool or a special head on a power drill. Assembly is so very easy that you only need one person to install it. The hardware is included in your tray order, there is nothing else to purchase with our trays.

Hardware included
Connected Cable-MGR cable tray

To show the difference between our tray and our competitor on a T-Junction, other cable trays, (as you will see by the picture below), have universal splice bars and splice washers (at an additional cost), as well as scrap metal left over after the job. With competitor trays, you have to cut and bend in order to get the right shape. 

Cable-MGR’s T Junction comes already fabricated and the bolts and nuts are included.  You simply take the tray, connect it to a straight tray, for example, attach the bolt to the nut, and you are finished. There are no sharp edges and no tray waste. 

The competitors product requires additional tray pieces to create the Junction as well as splice bars, bends, cuts, filing and you will have a lot of tray waste.   There are also a lot of sharp edges at the end of building the Junction with the competitors tray.  

Cable-MGR does not have any sharp edges, as you dont need to cut it and it is powder coated.

Competitors Junction
Competitors Junction

This article is not only about Cable-MGR verses a regular cable tray, where Cable-MGR is a far better product, but the amount of time it saves you in the field pays for itself many times over.

So in conclusion, the cost factor is minimal when it comes to the Wiremaid product in comparison to our competition.  Not only when you initial purchase a Cable-MGR cable tray but also in the longer term as it protects the cables longer.

5 Day


Average turnaround time is 5 business days.* 


Files Available

CAD and BIM files are easily accessed through our website. Take-offs available upon request, free of charge.


Ready to go

All turns and fittings are factory built. NO field modifications, NO cutting or bending and 100% customization made to order.

*Times vary based on project size. Subject to change.

Cable-MGR saves time, saves money, better install, better product and better protection for cables!

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