Why Cable-MGR?

Is YOUR BEST choice.

Why Cable-MGR? 1

How much does a typical field modified cable tray cost when you add up all the hardware and labor required to assemble it?

Cable-MGR will save the Electrical Contractors time and money. Switch from a typical field modified cable tray and stop wasting time, money and labor with installations taking three times longer, unnecessary quick connects and additional re-inspection.

Why Cable-MGR? 2

Cable-MGR’s trays include assembly hardware at no additional charge.

Our competitors do not.

Why Cable-MGR? 3

Cable-MGR’s trays maintain bonding and continuity as an integral part of its assembly.

Our competitors do not.​

UL Classified

Cable-MGR’s trays require NO field modifications. They are all prefabricated.

Why Cable-MGR? 4

Cable-MGR’s trays maintain its load rating.

Our competitors do not.​

Our Cable-MGR tray assembles faster than typical field modified trays.*

*Conditions apply

Proudly hand-crafted and custom made in the USA
Made using eco-friendly materials - Wiremaid


Environmentally friendly, safe and green. Cable trays are made of
post-consumer recycled materials,
green manufacturing techniques for reclaimable products and energy efficient processes.