No Cutting or Bending Required
Zinc Whisker Free Optional
BIM Files Available
100% Customization

Our Cable-MGR tray assembles 400% faster than typical field modified trays.*

Saves time, money and labor
Ships within 4-5 days
Award-winning patented system*
Made in the USA!

Cable-MGR Installation Video

*Assembled over 400% faster than a typical field modified installation. *Huge labor savings. *Safer to assemble.

We have found with competitor’s cable trays it requires assemblers to custom make the intersections in the field.  By making these intersections in the field, it created sharp edges that are not welcoming to data cable being pulled through trays and causes headaches down the road.  Here at IBM we recommend this product to any company that wants exceptional customer service and quick installation, without giving up quality.

Steven J. Pyle

IBM Boulder, Colorado

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U.S. Western Region
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March 14th


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April 4th

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